About us


Cardboard is a porous substance. It is therefore not possible to print cardboard with silver traces and to provide it with a RIFD chip. Together with partner Metafas in Asten, De Budelse has developed an innovative solution for this problem. Metafas is specialized in printed electronics and user interfaces.

The uniqueness of this solution is the step-by-step printing of the cardboard. First, a special coating is applied to it. This coating serves as the basis for applying and attaching the silver trace layer with the unique RIFD chip on each package. Next to the coating on cardboard, Pelviz offers a range in labels and stickers for closing purposes.
In this way we combine the advantages of smart packaging and printed electronics in plastic-free packaging for numerous industries in an innovative way.

Metafas is a Dutch company of user interfacing and printed electronics, which more specifically means respectively matters of human-computer interaction and communication through front and control panels and the use of electronic printing methods for electronic devices. In order to alert and adapt to changes in design and production processes and therefore have a quick response, Metafas combines the graphic workshop (screen printing) with the mechanical department. In fact, the company combines the latest innovative production with specialist techniques.

Metafas collaborates with Ideas to the Market B.V. (ItoM). ItoM stands out from the previous companies as it is a Dutch design service and internet service provider dedicated more relevantly on consumer’s electronics, together with the Internet of Things and automotive radio thanks to an excellent Integrated Design Circuit knowledge.


De Budelse, a leading and printing specialist in the Netherlands and abroad. Its expertise is extended in different markets such as food, healthcare, cosmetics. The most relevant to this project is indeed healthcare and in fact they produce cardboard packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.

Therefore, thanks to the following of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines and production process and management quality strict regulations, we can affirm that De Budelse and the healthcare sector are a perfect combination.